Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is just an excellent outdoor piece to have. It ensures you enjoy a warm evening especially when the climate is cold and is a centerpiece for social gatherings. It allows your family and friends enjoy great beauty during the night under the stars. It catalyzes deep conversations and dialogue, offers an excellent environment to relax outside and enjoy all the beauty your backyard provides.

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fire pit

What to consider before setting an outdoor fire pit:

The Cost

There are a number of options available for the fire pits which come at different prices. They include; cone fire pits, metal fits pits which come with fire wood storage and different metals ranging from copper to aluminum. Additional pits include; hanging fire pits, bowl fire pits, contemporary fire pits, geometric metal fire pits, artistic fire pits, fire pits with ring shapes, and of late the fire pit tables which offer additional beauty to your outdoor settings.

The Location

Where you lay the fire pit must be intentional and well thought out in order to maximize on your back yard space and also get the results that you desire. This will assist you in getting that natural feeling of space and beauty. Before considering the fire pit you will pick, first visualize, plan then make a decision.

Gas or Wood Usage

An outdoor fire pit will either burn gas or wood. There are with restricted plans on wood burning and before deciding on the fire pit to use make a well-thought decision.

fire pit


Consider the seating arrangement a fire pit allows. Some allow nested sunken benches and others have a cozy seating area. Each allows and gives a different environment from the other when it comes to relaxing and enjoying the environment.


The most common fire pits are either free standing or mounted. The mounted ones are either made of clay, copper or even steel. Portable outdoor fire pits are made of metal that is copper or aluminum and they have a variety of designs. Ensure you pick on what suits your back yard best. For Aluminum pits, they have a light weight, does not rust and the cost of maintenance is low while the copper pits are durable, expensive, have a high cost of maintenance, are good heat conductor and are resistant to corrosion.

Before choosing on the fire pit that best suits your needs, ensures you understand the outdoor fire regulations within your area and comply with them. In conclusion always have water around in case of any emergency.

The benefits of outdoor fire pits include;

  • Entertainment; they encourage family and friends to gather together and are a great platform to extend parties outdoor.
  • They also provide a place where you can cook in your backyard as you enjoy the additional
  • They facilitate you extend the spring and cold seasons by keeping warm on chilly nights.
  • They also give you the best view of star gazing with your loved ones.
  • They add value to your home as they make it stand out from others because of the features they add.

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