Burning Logs vs.  Wood Logs For Your Fireplace

If you like hunting or some other outdoor activity that involves snow trickling down your boots and coats then winter is a great time for you but if you are anything like me then winter is a dreadful thing to happen to us mortals.  The only time I feel good is when I am back at my home curled up in front of the fireplace.  During the cold winters, one of the best places to hang around is in front of the fireplace.  A fireplace is also a very attractive thing to have in your home as they can add to the decor of your home whether you use it or not.  But in biting cold when it is time to light up that fire, you should know the different options that you have to produce the fire and the heat that you desire.  There are pros and cons for both in terms of efficiency, convenience and aesthetics so here is a quick comparison between gas burning logs and wood logs.

gas log

Vented Gas Logs
Vented Gas Logs are inexpensive to buy but are definitely not one of the best options to have around.  That is because they are pretty bad when it comes to generating heat as most of the heat generated will escape through the chimney.  Vent gas logs are basically ceramic logs on a rack with a burner underneath it that is placed inside a wood burning fireplace that has a chimney.  The most unpleasant thing with vented gas logs is building norms mandate when using vented gas logs to disable the damper completely for health and safety so poisonous gases don’t enter back into the house.  So you have cold air rushing into the house at all times when your fireplace is inactive.  You would also need a glass door to stop the heat that your fireplace could barely generate from escaping out.  Vented gas logs do have their advantages in that they are easy to maintain and do not need a regular inspection and cleaning of your chimney as there are no creosote depositions from this type of log.  The fire looks very realistic much like burning wooden logs with a bright crackling flame and also generate much less smell or smoke as most of it escapes out the chimney.


Vent Free Gas Logs
Vent free gas logs are very similar in appearance to vented gas logs but these units are freestanding units with no flue to carry fumes outside.  Unlike vented gas logs they burn with a high degree of efficiency generating a lot of heat and is an inexpensive option to heat your home well during cold nights.  They are also very easy to light given they use natural gas as a fuel source and can be hooked into a natural gas line.  Unfortunately, it is one of the worst choices to make for your indoor air quality as it lets the fumes inside your home along with other impurities that may be present in the logs such as dust, oil, and paint.  The water vapor released from the logs could also damage your walls leading to molds.

Real Wood Logs

wood logs burningThe oldest way to generate heat, humans have used wood to create a fire forever.  Apart from the fact that the fire generated from burning wood looks great and if you are living out in the country, finding wood is not much of a problem wooden logs are not the best way to heat your home as they are very inefficient.  Apart from that, you would need regular cleaning and inspection of your chimney to remove creosote deposition.  There are also different types of wooden logs, some like soft wood would burn easily while others need to be seasoned.  They also are the most expensive option costing 5 – 10 times more than any of the gas burning logs.

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