Fireplace Design Ideas For Your New Home

Beautiful Fireplace

So you just bought yourself a new home and are remodeling, or are designing and building a custom home for the first time. And then it happens. You get to the fireplace and have no idea what to do. You know that you want one, but beyond that, you have no idea how to proceed further.

Do you want gas or wood burning? Simple, elegant, modern, or fancy?

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6 Benefits of Using a Fireplace Screen

A fireplace is the central point of any room. It adds to the artistic beauty of the room making it look more attractive. If you have a traditional open fireplace, adding a fireplace screen will enhance its beauty even more. . Besides enhancing the beauty of the fireplace, a fireplace screen will generate better heating efficiency and decrease the utility bills in your home. Many people usually believe that the arrangement of the firewood in the fireplace will reduce the heating cost. However, we will see that this is not true.



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Different Types Of Fire Pit Spark Screens: The Most Important

Often the fire pit spark screens is a safety necessity if you are planning an open fire.  Especially in areas with dry weather, even the smallest of ember or spark could kindle a fire and that makes these screens
very important.
However, when you set out to buy them, the biggest challenge is to decide on the right option.  There are so many different types that you are bound to be confused.  But here is a quick guide on the different types of fire pit spark screens and how you can make the right choice.

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Types Of Fireplace Mantels – A Design For Every Home

No matter if your home is designed in the traditional or modern style there is a fireplace mantle look that matches it.  There are myriad styles to suit your taste and the design of your home.  You can choose from a rustic look natural to fit into a traditional style home or more contemporary look which is elegant and fits in with a modern home.

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Outdoor Fire Pit Design

Love Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Everyone loves decoration either inside the house or outside the house.  Architects are producing innovative designs in everything related to the building.  In this advanced era, everyone looks to decorate their homes with innovative things.  No matter if it is metallic epoxy flooring or something like an awesome patio, they look to build such things that not only add beauty to the buildings but as well as give a useful purpose.  Let’s talk about the outdoor designs.  There are many things to get your outdoor look awesome.  Today I am going to tell you about Outdoor Fire Pit and its designs.  Article Sponsor: Dog Walker in Frisco, Texas.

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The Benefits of Having An Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is just an excellent outdoor piece to have. It ensures you enjoy a warm evening especially when the climate is cold and is a centerpiece for social gatherings. It allows your family and friends enjoy great beauty during the night under the stars. It catalyzes deep conversations and dialogue, offers an excellent environment to relax outside and enjoy all the beauty your backyard provides.

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Top 5 Outdoor Kitchen Man Cave Designs

Currently, modern man caves are designed as both an entertaining and a retreat area. The backyard of the outdoor kitchen is actually a perfect point for you to hang out with your friends and break off the indoor monotony. Since men like heating up the grill, the outdoor kitchen will most definitely be the perfect place for them. Below are some of the most amazing hardscaping sanctuaries and reasons as to why these outdoor kitchens serve as a new gathering place for the modern man.


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Gas Burning Logs vs. Wood Logs For Your Fireplace

Burning Logs vs.  Wood Logs For Your Fireplace

If you like hunting or some other outdoor activity that involves snow trickling down your boots and coats then winter is a great time for you but if you are anything like me then winter is a dreadful thing to happen to us mortals.  The only time I feel good is when I am back at my home curled up in front of the fireplace.  During the cold winters, one of the best places to hang around is in front of the fireplace.  A fireplace is also a very attractive thing to have in your home as they can add to the decor of your home whether you use it or not.  But in biting cold when it is time to light up that fire, you should know the different options that you have to produce the fire and the heat that you desire.  There are pros and cons for both in terms of efficiency, convenience and aesthetics so here is a quick comparison between gas burning logs and wood logs.

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Decorative Ornamental Fireplace Screens

Ornamental Fireplace Screens For Your Home

A fire place is a critical place during the cold night and days.  The fire place screen is also an important component of the fireplace offering both protection against the fire and the burning wood, with the various designs adding a good aesthetic appeal to the fire place.  There are plenty of decorative fireplace screens variations to choose from.

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