Ornamental Fireplace Screens For Your Home

A fire place is a critical place during the cold night and days.  The fire place screen is also an important component of the fireplace offering both protection against the fire and the burning wood, with the various designs adding a good aesthetic appeal to the fire place.  There are plenty of decorative fireplace screens variations to choose from.

living room fireplace

The screens fall into two main categories with the variations being within the categories that include:

Flat Guard or Spark Guard Screens

This consists of a screen which completely covers the fireplace from one end to another and offers the greatest degree of protection especially in an area with small children and pets.  The screen, however, has the disadvantage of having to be physically moved from the fireplace when on wants to access the fireplace thereby exposing people to burns if there are not careful.

Screens With Doors

This are screens that also cover the whole fireplace as the flat guard screens but have the advantage of having opening and shutting doors.  This is beneficial as individuals can easily access the fireplace without moving the whole fireplace screen from the fireplace.  It is suitable to use in an area without small children and pets.

The fireplace screen variations available in the market are made to put a touch of uniqueness’ in the fire place screens with people choosing one that best fits their tastes and preferences.

door screen

Bowed Fireplace Screens

They give a three-dimensional feel to the screen and consist of some slight curve protruding outwards toward the room.  The screen also comes with handles for easy movement of the device.

Summer Fireplace Screens

The screens are circular in nature and designed with their own stand.  They also cover a big part of the fireplace offering a good level of protection.  The design stand ensures that the screen is stable and will not fall and cause injuries.

Folding Fireplace Screens

The screens also give a three-dimensional look to the design.  The design covers the entire fireplace’s advantage to the design is that one does not need to move the entire screen for adding more wood to the fireplace.  It also consists of handles to make it easy to move and can be easily folded up for storage when not in use.

The Pole Screen

This is a screen that is supported by a pole.  The basis of the pole is to assist the user in moving the screen up or down depending on whether they want to access the fireplace or down when they want protection from the fire.  Moving the screen upwards also protected the individuals face when they are adding wood to the fireplace, therefore, adding an additional safety element into the design.

It also of impotence to note that the screens are made of different materials that add beauty to the basic design offering decorative fireplace screens.  The material used include glass which is suitable in a controlled environment since it is the most delicate of the other options.  Sheet metal is also another option which has a design cut out on the actual sheet.  Another option is made of wire mesh, this option consists of various patterns of the wire mesh with the option of the spaces between the wire mesh being small or big depending on the preference of the client.