No matter if your home is designed in the traditional or modern style there is a fireplace mantle look that matches it.  There are myriad styles to suit your taste and the design of your home.  You can choose from a rustic look natural to fit into a traditional style home or more contemporary look which is elegant and fits in with a modern home.

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A fireplace mantel frames an otherwise drab looking fireplace adding a bit of drama to the living room.  It acts as a functional ledge space where you can display your collection of antiques, or your family photos or knick-knacks collected over a life time of travels.  It can be the place to show-off some important part of your family heritage or hold your favorite book collection.  This also eliminates the need to a have stand-alone shelf to showcase these items conserving space in a small room.

So what style or type of fireplace mantel would you like to choose?

Before you choose you should know the types of fireplace mantels available and the materials used in their construction.  Here’s a brief look at what’s on offer:


Most fireplace mantels use wood as it is easy to work with and is an affordable option.  The wood can be styled in traditional or contemporary style with ease.  It can be carved or manipulated to any design of the owner’s choice.  You can paint it or stain it to match the room.  You can choose from a wide choice of woods – cherry, oak, cedar, mahogany, pine, redwood and more.

A word of caution on wood.  Wood needs large enough clearance from combustible fireplaces.  So measure the amount of wall space around the fireplace to see that you have sufficient area around it to prevent any fire hazards.

Stone and Rock

Probably one of the most sought after and popular options for fireplace mantels.  The charm of an old stonework fireplace cannot be overemphasized.  These have the additional advantage of being long-lasting and classy too.  The number of options available is again huge.  For a more traditional look use cultured stones.  You can choose from river rock, limestone, granite, concrete etc.  The stacked stone mantel is a very popular design option.


A brick mantel is easy to erect but needs additional support due to the heavy weight of the bricks.  It is very simple to erect different types of fireplace mantels using brick.  You could use exposed brickwork mantels using different colors and type of bricks that stand out from the rest of the room or blend in with the design and style of the home.  There are innumerable options to choose from and you can create an as elaborate or simple style of mantel as you want.


You will find hundreds of colors, styles, and finishes in tiles to choose from for your fireplace mantel place.  The look and feel can be matched to any type of home.  To make your tile mantel place stylish and contemporary avoid shelves and let the tile design occupy the whole wall or side where the fireplace is located.


For a very formal dining room or living room, a marble mantel place provides the rich and classy finish.  It’s hard and lasts years.  There are different colored marbles to choose from to match your room.  If you are going for a pastoral or rural look choose marble, not granite or slate as they can mar the look.


Metal mantels are another option that can be designed to look extremely contemporary or traditional based on the style you choose.

Apart from these if space is no consideration and you have a large enough room an antique fireplace can stand out.  But remember that they are usually very large and have much difficulty fitting to smaller fireplaces of the modern homes.  You may end up trimming a large part of the antique mantel which may distort the actual look you are going for.

As you would have gathered by now there are enough types of fireplace mantels to suit absolutely any taste and style of home.

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