Beautiful Fireplace

So you just bought yourself a new home and are remodeling, or are designing and building a custom home for the first time. And then it happens. You get to the fireplace and have no idea what to do. You know that you want one, but beyond that, you have no idea how to proceed further.

Do you want gas or wood burning? Simple, elegant, modern, or fancy?

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When it comes to fireplace design ideas for your new home, you feel like a novice, even if this is not your first go-round in the home remodeling and design game. You have scoured the internet and still could not find an idea that suits your tastes and what you want. Not a single design that you have come across has sparked anything.


A Full Height Stone Surround Fireplace

Nothing says classy like having a stone wall surrounding your fireplace.  Stone is an excellent choice, whether you want to go for that rustic lodge in the woods feel, or just something timeless and classic looking, the stone can do the job well. And just because you go with stone, that does not mean you cannot have your television over the fireplace as well.  You can talk with the installer about having the support for that TV installed beforehand so that they might incorporate it into the design.


  • Add a ledge made from stone slab to introduce seating around your fireplace.
  • Draw attention to the fireplace by using accent lighting.
  • Paint the wall around the fireplace, giving it a bold splash of color
  • Add a mantel, given it a timeless look and feel.


Designing A New Home

When designing a brand new home from the ground up, you have a fair amount more flexibility. You could create any design element you would like. Some ideas might include:


Glass Enclosure Fireplaces

  • Stainless steel and concrete hardware elements for a more masculine feel
  • Glass can give a rustic room a more polished feel
  • Glass enclosures can make it safer to get up close and personal with the fire


Hanging Fireplaces

  • Can warm a room without taking away from the beautiful view when there are many windows
  • Some small-scale hanging fireplaces can burn ethanol, smoke-free, instead of wood, which is excellent for people with allergies.

Metal Fireplaces

  • Stainless steel can add a sleek, polished design element
  • Handcrafted metal fireplaces can create a dramatic look
  • Some metal elements can be an artistic statement


Indoor Fire Pits

  • Creates warmth that can be enjoyed anywhere around it
  • A round indoor fire pit can break up a room’s hard angles
  • An indoor fire pit can make a statement and be a conversation piece when entertaining.

No matter which of these styles you decide to go with, or if you find something else, like a linear fireplace, or a fireplace dividing wall, that suits your needs better, you are sure to spend many nights enjoying the warmth and comfort provided by your fireplace.  Even better, fireplaces can improve your home’s resale value too!

There are so many fantastic design ideas out there now, and so many fabulous trends that are happening in the home design world. No matter what you decide to go with (though the indoor fire pit is my personal favorite, closely followed by the glass enclosure), you are sure to spend a lifetime enjoying the benefits.

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