A fireplace is the central point of any room. It adds to the artistic beauty of the room making it look more attractive. If you have a traditional open fireplace, adding a fireplace screen will enhance its beauty even more. . Besides enhancing the beauty of the fireplace, a fireplace screen will generate better heating efficiency and decrease the utility bills in your home. Many people usually believe that the arrangement of the firewood in the fireplace will reduce the heating cost. However, we will see that this is not true.



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Some of the benefits of the fireplace screen include:



  1. More efficient and effective heating



We have to admit that a traditional open fireplace does a very poor job at heating the room. Experts have revealed that only about 10% of the firewood’s energy is actually converted to useful heat. The rest of the heat goes up the chimney, making an open fireplace very wasteful. the solution to this problem is adding a fireplace screen. It is proven to double the efficiency of the fireplace by absorbing and radiating the heat into the room instead of being blocked in the fireplace. This does a far much better job than air which only conducts heat from the flames. The screen will also cause more heat to be produced by the firewood.



  1. Lower heating and utility costs


An open fireplace can make heating and cooling costs to go over the roof. This will increase your monthly bills, eating deep down into your pocket. Chimney dampers do not usually provide the best seals to prevent heat and air from escaping and entering your home. These fireplace screens provide better air barriers than the chimney dampers. Fireplaces with open-hearth allow warm air from your home to escape during winter and allow cool air to escape in summer. The screens will work as you want it to, warming your home without using electric heaters and gas. They act as a far much better seal.



  1. Improved safety


Fireplace screens reduce the risks and hazards associated with open fireplaces. They act as protective barriers, preventing sparks and embers from escaping the fireplace. Ths will protect people around the fireplace and even flammable objects from catching fire. In addition to this, logs can roll out of the fireplace as the fire is burning. It is not uncommon for logs to shift as the fire dies down. The screen will prevent the logs from rolling out, preventing any mishaps from happening. Stray sparks also tend to destroy flooring and carpeting. The screen will help in protecting your home finishing from any damage. Moreover, the screen is set to protect small children and pets from touching the fire and getting burnt.



  1. Keeps smoke out


Sudden downdrafts from the chimney can be quite annoying, and sometimes even dangerous. Winter storms, together with air paths can cause the wind to blow down the chimney and blow smoke and embers into the room. The fireplace place will definitely help in preventing this problem.



  1. Beauty and style


Fireplace screens come in different forms of styles, designs, shapes, and colors. There are so many to choose from that will match whatever sort of decor you have in your home. They enhance the beauty in your home by a great deal and bring elegance into it.



  1. They conceal a dirty fireplace


The fireplace can be a pretty messy sight after your fire has died down. The look of burnt logs and dark ashes is not an attractive sight, The fireplace screen will help you conceal this mess, especially when you are not in the mood of cleaning it up immediately.


If you have a fireplace in your home, it is important that you consider getting a fireplace screen. It will help you in solving a lot of the problems brought about by an open fireplace and also make your home stand out from the rest.



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